It is my mission to take the things I have learned in life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and friend to elevate other women like me, and empower them to fight for wellness, freedom, creativity, passion, and collaboration.  Within my mission I will work to find every last woman in the world who is looking for what I offer. 
Whether you are just looking to start a journey of wellness or you want to dive into an opportunity that could take your world in a whole new direction, I am here to help you get exactly what you need!

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I have seen failure.  I know what it's like to struggle - to yearn for the life you dream of, but fall flat.  To want something so bad, and never achieve it.  

I know what it's like to live in fear life.  Fear of saying yes.  Fear of saying no.  To have soul-crushing insecurities.

For years I struggled with low self-esteem and a lack of self-love.  On one hand I felt very happy and safe.  When I was with my immediate family and friends I felt in control, loved, and confident.  

And as much as I was 100% secure with family and close friends, I was equally insecure in crowds and with people I didn't know well.  

But I wanted WAY more.  I wanted to be someone who made a difference.  I wanted to be a changemaker.  I wanted to make loads of money.  I wanted to be a big contributor to the world.

I was told to dream big.  I was given opportunities.  But when it came down to it, my lack of belief would cause me to self-sabotage and run away from the things that were there to help me grow.  

It was a no-win situation.  I was struggling hard.  And it was exhausting.

I questioned whether maybe I was just destined for failure.  

Failure to stand out.  Failure to reach my potential.  Failure to create a secure financial life for my family. 

Then a few years ago, something changed.  My whole world flipped upside down and my entire thinking shifted.  And with it, I upleveled my life in a huge and dramatic way.

I started to rise.  I stripped off the insecurity, I moved through the fear, I rejected the negative thinking.

And as I started to rise, I was faced with huge setbacks, things that might cause someone to give up entirely.  But I chose new strategies.  Strategies designed to take my power back and create opportunities that had never been seen before.  Opportunities to increase my physical, mental, emotional, financial, and relationship health.

A mindset built around abundance & opportunity, taking risks, and stepping into inspired action.

That's it.

I had to fix the way I thought and believed, and I had to change the way I chose to take action.  

I didn't have to "work harder" or "try more".  It wasn't about being better or changing who I was.

Just changing my thoughts and using those thoughts to guide my actions.  And I'm on a mission to help others do the same.

If you have been spinning around in the same way I was, and you want to stop the spin and make the change you need because you are made for more, join our group of empowered people and let's rise together!