Abundance Ain’t Just a Buzzword

So, I’m gonna be honest.   The word abundance has been rolling around a long time.  I grew up with the word used extensively, as a Sunday School student learning about God’s love, his mercies, and his blessings.
And then years (decades) later as an adult, it felt like the word made a resurgence in my life.  When I resigned from my career as a schoolteacher and went into the world of building businesses online, I started to hear abundance in every motivational speech and every life coach's lesson.
And I liked the word.   I liked what it stood for.  I liked that it challenged me to think in terms of not just a little, but a lot.  Having plenty.  Being bountiful.  I was given many opportunities to question old thought patterns and recognize that much (or pretty much all) of my life had been spent thinking in the opposite mindset: lack, poverty, scarcity.
And for years I’d listen to others talk about the two opposing mindsets and I’d be so impressed at the ability so many had to forgo a scarcity mindset for an abundance mindset.   Impressed, but yet not engaged.  Abundance had become a buzzword.  I was talkin’ the talk, but I wasn’t walkin’ the walk.  
The concept of accepting that we are made to fulfill our wildest dreams and have whatever we choose, was nice.  The idea that the more you have the more you can give, was exciting.  The notion that money is not like a pie – with only so much there so that we have to compete for it – that is so freeing and empowering to understand after years of believing there is only so much to go around.
But knowing all of these things in your head is different than having an abundance mindset, because an abundance mindset requires something else…it’s the retraining of your instinctual thoughts.
So, it’s a melding of both mind and heart.  It’s making a choice to think abundantly, being conscious of your thoughts, replacing scarcity thoughts immediately with abundance thoughts, than taking inspired action.
And doing this on repeat, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second.
In recent times, my husband and I went through a huge financial meltdown – something so scary, so mind-numbing, just paralyzing.
It was so big and so overwhelming that we were forced to make a choice.
Give up or grab hold of the power of our minds.
And if you know us, you’ll know we don’t give up.  
So we were left with one option.  
We decided that we were capable and worthy of abundance.
That we were absolutely rejecting any notions of scarcity and lack.
That we were absolutely open to any and all opportunities available to us.
We turned on our radar to only receive frequencies that would transmit wealth and prosperity, and would block out frequencies that transmit negative beliefs and thoughts of poverty and failure.
Even while things were hard and getting harder, we shared gratitude – for our family, for our friends, for little miracles we’d see, for small opportunities to bless others and be blessed.
We started listening to podcasts and audiobooks that would nurture our mindset.  We would share what we were learning.  We would challenge each other to think bigger.  To believe stronger.
And some crazy stuff started happening.  Money we didn’t know about showed up.  Big money.  Work opportunities showed up.  Bonus opportunities showed up.  We were freaking floored.
Yes, there was a time when I believed this kind of thinking was woo-woo.  There was a time when I was on the fence – moving closer but not quite ready to jump over.
I have never felt so excited about what life has to offer as now.
For me.  For you.  For everyone who embraces their power, chooses abundance, then takes inspired action toward their goals.
This. is. for. everyone.   
Abundance means there’s a bounty available for all.  It rejects the idea that when you have plenty, your neighbour has little.  It celebrates the idea that you and your neighbour can have plenty together, and with that plenty you can generate more abundance, share your abundance, and create a more abundant world.
If you have struggled with a mindset of lack, poverty, or scarcity and are excited to transform your own thinking so that you can embrace the abundance that is awaiting you, feel free to claim your copy of 5 Ways to Attract Money to get started now. 

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Yesterday, my daughter got a call to go into work.  She said no.
She wasn’t on the schedule, and she was asked if she could just sub in for someone who wasn’t able to make it in.
So she said no.
Then she came and told me.
And I was so proud.   She said no.  A word that I for my entire 45.95 years have had trouble saying.
She explained to me that she had been really looking forward to two days off and she had some minor plans for what she wanted to do with that time, so she opted out.  
She opted out of making that bonus money.  She opted out of saying yes for fear that they won’t ask her again.  She opted out of saying yes in order to bolster that reputation she has built of being reliable and helpful.
So so proud.
You see, I built my life around pleasing people.  I built my life around getting and giving yeses.
I built my life around the buy-in of attributes that many little girls have been brainwashed to believe matter, and maybe even matter the most.  
Making others happy.   Not rocking the boat.  
Pleasing people.   Getting a smile.  A sigh of relief.  A “thank you.”
It was as if I needed to showcase how yessy I was.  I needed to gain a reputation for something, and being nice, compliant, and accommodating was the best I thought I could do.
It was like, forget about who you are and just worry about appeasing other people and fixate on fulfilling who everyone else is.
But Sister, that is no way to live.  That is bondage.
If we are just pleasing people to satisfy our own fear of rejection, dismissal, or unpleasant response, who are we actually serving?  
And is our compliance authentic?
I’d say no.
I believe in service.   Giving your best version of yourself in order to further good in this world.  Love, hope, inspiration, change, peace.
But I dare suggest that when our first priority is pleasing others to avoid presumptive negative consequences, we are not furthering love, hope, or anything positive.
Rather, setting out to be a “yes person” causes us to neglect the desires of our heart, the plans we have made, the choices we deemed important, all to gain the reputation of “She’ll never let you down.” Or “Ask Sally, she’ll say yes.”
Is that who we really want to be?  The person who says yes when she really wants to say no?  The person who denies her needs to satisfy someone else’s.  The person who by devaluing herself actually sets up those people around her to do the same.
This is not to say that one should never change plans to help someone or that one should reject an invitation to work an extra shift.  Sometimes we truly do want to do those things.
However, if you find yourself always saying yes, and continually feeling regret after or feel like others are using you or taking advantage or your niceness, you need to re-evaluate things.
I’m going to suggest that when we are living in our true selves, when we are answering the call to harmony, basing our decisions on what we truly want, who we want to serve, and making choices based on love and abundance, rather than fear and lack, our level of service will rise, our self-worth will rise, and our self-respect will rise.


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Are Affirmations a Waste of Time?

Affirmations.  You hear them talked about at personal growth seminars, in books, around any self-help minded people.
So what are they?   Generally, they are simple positive statements declaring specific goals in their completed state.  They are used in the practice of overcoming negative thinking and creating new positive subconscious beliefs to replace negative ones.  They encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves and how we fit into the world. They are also used to help us create the life we desire, attracting the things we are focused on having, often wealth, health, love, and happiness. 
So do they even work?   Or are they a waste of time?
Of course they work.   But in my experience they only work as a one of several tools in a toolbelt of self-understanding and personal growth.
And it is important to realize that words alone will do little.
I’m all for speaking life over things; being positive and avoiding making negative projections about life and my future.  Yes, I believe that words matter, and that what we say manifests.
However, I also believe that words can be empty, and just saying some nice words and hoping goals are achieved…it’s just not enough to move the needle of your life.
So, if you have some big wants, some big goals in your life (and I hope you do), you need a few more things to help nurture those seeds of desire.
Here’s what I suggest:
1.  Get clear on what you want.  Write those goals down.  And read them out loud everyday.  Decide you will not only say your affirmations.  You will believe them.

2. Recognize that you are using your affirmations to rewire your brain.  You are using conscious language to teach your brain how to unconsciously think about yourself.Be aware of your thinking, and recognize when a damaging thought enters your mind.   Consciously dismiss it, even if you have to speak out loud by saying, “I do not accept that thought.” And make way for your affirmations to flow through again.

3. Now this one is huge, and people neglect it to their detriment all the time…you need to feel.   You need to make a connection between your goals and the feeling of achieving the goals.  So rather than merely speaking the words, attach feeling to your affirmations.  Put yourself in a mind movie where you see yourself attaining that goal you are affirming and feel the joy, the excitement, the warmth, or whatever relevant emotion of achieving.

4. Create opportunities in your day to work on yourself.  Find professional development that reinforces the thoughts and beliefs you are choosing to adopt in your life.  Whether it’s a book, and audiobook, a podcast, or video series, make time in your day.  You will notice a difference in your rate of development.

5. And lastly, take action.  Your affirmations will be realized if you choose to move forward in belief.  We are often fighting ourselves when it comes to personal growth and strengthening our minds.  So one of the best ways to support the changes you want to see is to actually take physical action toward your goals; to get behind yourself and take action that proves to yourself you truly believe in those things you are verbally affirming.
Using affirmations as a part of your daily personal growth protocol takes some discipline, but it’s not hard.  Find a routine that works for you, find ways to prioritize yourself, whether it’s in front of your mirror, in your car, meditating in your basement, or another spot.   Just take the time for you – you’ve got this!
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3 Lessons from a Green Apple

After reading a post I saw in a group, I became curious about a question it brought up for me.
Why is it so easy to say we want one thing and then settle for something else?
Whether it’s a supportive relationship and settling for one that brings you down. 
Or an empowering job and settling for one that is demanding and draining. 
Or a healthy body and settling for one that is sedentary, sore, and undernourished.
Or a business that is thriving and progressive and settling for one that may be busy but lacks joy, passion, or much profit. 

Now, I’m not talking about little bouts of missteps and failures on the way to success. I’m talking about patterns, relentless stalemates, and the uncanny ability we have as humans to find ourselves deeply imbedded in the very muck we said we wanted to avoid. 
So why is it that if I ask for a green apple and you hand me a red apple, I can say, “No thanks, I asked for a green apple.”
But when we say we want that great relationship, job, body, or business, we can somehow stumble into the exact opposite...and often linger there foreverrrrrr?
I think it comes down to a few small, but wildly important things. 
When we say we want that healthy relationship, are we really believing we can have it?  Because if we truly believe we can have that thing we want, why are we settling for not only the absence of that good thing, but also the burden of now living with the opposite?
So when we say we want a good job, a healthy body, a thriving business, are we actually asking for it?  Or are we hoping and wishing, believing that hopes and wishes qualify and believing the universe somehow will line up the right set of circumstances to satisfy our desires.
When faced with the option to choose between a green and a red apple, it’s pretty simple to tell if we’ve been offered the wrong apple, right?
So, when we’ve been offered the wrong relationship, job, health status, or level of achievement, why are we not just saying “no thanks” and reaching for the chosen one instead?
That same level of clarity we use to opt out of the red apple for the green apple - we need to use that level of clarity to opt out of what we do not want, in order to opt in to what we do.

Red or green.  The apple you choose has very little significance here.  We know how to make strong decisions about fairly insignificant choices.

So what about the big stuff?
Supportive or negative.  That relationship you choose has significance.
Empowering or demanding.  That job has significance.
Healthy or undernourished.  That body you choose has significance.
Thriving or struggling.  That business you choose has significance.
So, how do we honor those significant options in our lives?  
  1. We can choose to be intentional in our thought, words, and beliefs. They are no longer hopes and wishes, they are choices. They are no longer just desires, they are destiny. 
  2. We can identify what those choices will look like and what they won’t look like.  Get a pen and paper and write it down.  Get clear on your expectations. 
  3. We can say, “No thanks” and no longer look at a red apple as having the potential to turn green if we try really hard, or love it enough, or spend enough time with it, or throw enough money at it.   Get my message here? 
Friend, we are all human.  We are all on a journey.  We will have missteps and learn through the struggles.  
Now it’s time to honor our own journey by knowing who we are and believing in that girl so hard that our choices sync with our desires, in order to manifest all the success you were put here to achieve.


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Why Surrendering is So Good for You

This word used to freak me out.  I thought it meant losing, giving up, being disempowered.
So I never wanted to surrender.  I would hear people suggesting to surrender and I would think, uh uh, no way.
I didn’t want to have to roll over and just accept pain and injustice and that which I did not plan for.
Then I went through something really hard.  Something that was totally beyond my control.  Something that would wake me up in the middle of the night with a racing heart.  Something that would cause me to fear losing everything.   Months of anxiety and sadness.
And through the hardest period in my life I learned one of the best lessons I could have ever learned.
I learned to surrender.
Surrender is not losing.
It is not failing.
It is not giving up.
It’s being willing to accept that there is a bigger plan out there for you…
There are uncontrollable events that occur all around us: illness, death, divorce, accidents, job loss, world economic issues, catastrophic events.
It’s not your or my job to step in and change or alter those things.
It’s only our job to control our own thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions.  
I learned that surrender is part of a process of personal growth and enlightenment.
It’s actually the third step of four to really becoming awakened to who you are and the abundance that is available to you.
And surrendering only comes after you’ve been able to take responsibility for all of the things you need to.
Your thoughts.  Your feelings.  Your beliefs.   Your words.  Your actions.
You see, because first there’s Victimhood, and that’s where we look to other people, events, and situations, and blame them for where we are in life.
From there we can work on our minds uplevel to Empowerment, where we acknowledge our role in creating the life we do or do not want.  We stop blaming others and we take control, and become very aware of the way we influence our own life through our own thoughts and decisions.
But at some point, we have to also acknowledge that we are not in control of everything.  There are outside forces that we can’t influence…and it is there that we humbly surrender to the Universe, to God, to allow the true magic of who we are work with the incredible powers outside of us.
And we have to have faith that as long as we continue to work on our strengths, our empowerment, our influence, that is all that is needed to fulfill our destiny to reach abundance of our mind, heart, and physical selves. 
And once we have moved through Victimhood, Empowerment, and Surrender, accepted our lessons and applied them, we can move into a stage of Awakening and be available for every blessing we are destined for.
So surrender to the things that you cannot control.  But be aware of what you can control.  Believe in your mind that you are destined for a beautiful life.   And do everything you can to continually move toward that destiny with faith-lead words and actions that reflect your beliefs. 


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