Why Surrendering is So Good for You

This word used to freak me out.  I thought it meant losing, giving up, being disempowered.
So I never wanted to surrender.  I would hear people suggesting to surrender and I would think, uh uh, no way.
I didn’t want to have to roll over and just accept pain and injustice and that which I did not plan for.
Then I went through something really hard.  Something that was totally beyond my control.  Something that would wake me up in the middle of the night with a racing heart.  Something that would cause me to fear losing everything.   Months of anxiety and sadness.
And through the hardest period in my life I learned one of the best lessons I could have ever learned.
I learned to surrender.
Surrender is not losing.
It is not failing.
It is not giving up.
It’s being willing to accept that there is a bigger plan out there for you…
There are uncontrollable events that occur all around us: illness, death, divorce, accidents, job loss, world economic issues, catastrophic events.
It’s not your or my job to step in and change or alter those things.
It’s only our job to control our own thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions.  
I learned that surrender is part of a process of personal growth and enlightenment.
It’s actually the third step of four to really becoming awakened to who you are and the abundance that is available to you.
And surrendering only comes after you’ve been able to take responsibility for all of the things you need to.
Your thoughts.  Your feelings.  Your beliefs.   Your words.  Your actions.
You see, because first there’s Victimhood, and that’s where we look to other people, events, and situations, and blame them for where we are in life.
From there we can work on our minds uplevel to Empowerment, where we acknowledge our role in creating the life we do or do not want.  We stop blaming others and we take control, and become very aware of the way we influence our own life through our own thoughts and decisions.
But at some point, we have to also acknowledge that we are not in control of everything.  There are outside forces that we can’t influence…and it is there that we humbly surrender to the Universe, to God, to allow the true magic of who we are work with the incredible powers outside of us.
And we have to have faith that as long as we continue to work on our strengths, our empowerment, our influence, that is all that is needed to fulfill our destiny to reach abundance of our mind, heart, and physical selves. 
And once we have moved through Victimhood, Empowerment, and Surrender, accepted our lessons and applied them, we can move into a stage of Awakening and be available for every blessing we are destined for.
So surrender to the things that you cannot control.  But be aware of what you can control.  Believe in your mind that you are destined for a beautiful life.   And do everything you can to continually move toward that destiny with faith-lead words and actions that reflect your beliefs. 


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Wanting it Bad Enough is NOT Enough

Have you ever been told you don’t want it bad enough?


You have your ideas, your goals, your desires.


And you want them so bad you can feel it in every fibre of your being.


And someone is telling you you don’t want something bad enough.


And you believe that person.


So you try to want harder.  You up the level on your want dial.


You write down your goals.  You even plan a date to achieve.  You shout them from the mountain.


And before you know it, the time has passed.   You’re there, but not one think can be checked off your list.


Frustrating, right?


So what happens?


You get mad.  Mad at yourself.  Mad at the world.  Mad at your team.  Mad at everything and everyone.


Because you wanted it SO bad.  SO SO bad.  And it’s not there.


And you were told that all you need is to want it bad enough, and then you’ll get it.


And you wanted it as hard as you could possibly want it – so if you did all that wanting, now it’s time to accept that you  just can’t have what you wanted, because of this and that and them…


Excuses, right?


Can you relate?


Maybe you wanted to lose weight.  Like really wanted to.  You looked at old pictures of yourself.  You told yourself how ashamed you were of how you’ve let yourself go.   You wrote a new meal plan in your journal.  You even started exercising in your basement every morning, for a bit.


And before you knew it, three months had passed, all your new routines were forgotten, and you gained 5 lbs.


Or maybe you were gung-ho to crush a new goal in your business.  You were mad at yourself for not producing.  You wrote down your targets, you started doing the things to move you forward that day. 


Then you got distracted by what others were doing, you made far less progress than you wanted, and ended up passing them time with no business growth.


How can it be?


How can we want something so bad and not get it?


Wanna’ know?


I’ll tell you…but be prepared.  


Cause it’s super simple, and it just might blow your mind.


Your desire is important.  Because your desire is the flicker from where the fire starts.


You need desire, but you need to put less value on desire (because the desire is a given) and more value on destiny.


Destiny is that set of things that will absolutely, unequivocally happen in your future when you implement expectations, right actions, and most importantly self-belief and vision.


Once you actually believe in your own self-determined destiny, based on the desires of your heart…and you nurture your destiny daily by using self-belief and vision strategies,  taking action, and creating positive emotion connected to it all, you will be unstoppable.


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And if you want a great resource for understanding how capable you really are and how implementing VISION can seriously change your life, I recommend reading Richard Brooke’s Mach 2 With Your Hair On Fire.   It will change your life.


I also recommend the added bonus of regularly diffusing or wearing an essential oil blend that is designed to use the power of plants to help stimulate feelings of hope and possibility and works with the mind to release unlimited potential. Send me a message if you want to know more about that.

So excited to watch what happens next!


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