Milestones Can Suck

What a week!
Ok, being honest here.   I think I’m a pretty put together person.  I can handle a lot.  I don’t mind risk.  I appreciate challenges.
I struggle with change.
And saying goodbye.
To things.  To what I know. To people. To memories.
I freaking hate it.
And this week was a hard one.  For lots of reasons and in lots of ways.
And I have to say, I think part of the hard was that we all missed out on the natural organic denouement that comes with the end of the school year; where you ready yourself through a series of conversations, activities, acknowledgments, and traditions.   Where you have a beginning to the end.   And it makes some sense.
I think Covid robbed us all of that.  Stupid Covid.
The rest of the hard just came from my response to the milestones being met and changes happening so quick around home.
First, we officially sold our house on Saturday.  Praise God.   Wonderful.  Off on a new adventure, right?
Yes to all of that…but still, my heart hurts thinking back to when we first discovered this lot, all the plans and work that went into building it, and all the wonderful memories we made here.  And knowing that our future days are counted in this place makes me feel so strange.
I fear change.  I fear pain.  I fear the new normal.
And it really is ok.   I keep telling myself people move all the time.  Across town, across the province, across the country, across the world.  This is not a new thing.  And your little heart will be fine.
Then there were all the kids’ milestones, and all the celebrating (ok, ok, let’s call it what it really was – mourning) that came with those.
Hudson graduated from highschool.  HIGHSCHOOL.   What the heck?  I have a highschool graduate.  Did I not just graduate from highschool?  Am I in a timewarp?  Something is seriously messed up!
So we were able to “celebrate” with a fun (it really was) graduate car parade, followed by a sweet outdoor ceremony, which meant a lot to all the grads.  
And of course, I’ve cried every day since in conversations with her about how proud I am of her, how I want her to live with me forever, and how I miss her when she’s even gone for an afternoon of work.
She has blessed my life so much.  I couldn’t have asked for a better 18 years.  Oh, I’m grateful.
Then there’s Tanner…off to highschool after a strange end to grade 8 at middle school.  I know this incredible kid is so ready and I’m not worried about him in the least.
But I still can’t seem to wrap my brain around this little jigger being 14 and ready for the big leagues.   
His school had a mini drive through recognition event for the students moving on and so it was nice to take him to that.  Crazy to see him in a group of buddies who all look like they need razors for middle school grad gifts.
And lastly, little Hayden.   My sweet little baby.  All done Grade 5 and moving on to be a middle school boy.
And this year, no ceremony in the gym, no luncheon at the regular, nothing the same.  But grateful for a sweet goodbye arranged at the school with a memory book, some trees, and a cupcake for good measure.
Hard stuff.  Moving on.  Growing up.  For some I think we feel more than others.  
I’m jealous of those who can embrace it all like it’s just awesome.
‘Cause yes, I can see the awesome parts.  I really can.   After I clear the fog from all my tears.
After I allow myself to feel the change.  Move through the flow.  And wipe my snotty nose a few times.
My head tells me it’s all good.  My head tells me just wait, just watch how it all turns out.
But my soft little heart says let me feel how this hurts first.
Let me experience the depth of sadness in letting go, so I can experience the depth of joy in accepting all the new, all the growth, and all the richness of what’s to come.

How are you doing?  How are you handling the changes in your life right now?  

Let me know!

You are a Human Being Not a Human Doing

You are a human being, not a human doing. 
Are you trying to find or create your value by doing more, doing it differently?
You are valuable, so valuable because you are, not for anything you do.
You were destined for greatness. 
You are a precious child of your creator. 
You are worthy of whatever life you want, whatever relationships you want, all the happiness you desire. 
That’s it. Don’t believe you need to earn your value. You are more than enough, before you do, make, decide, act on anything. 
You are worthy because you are.
So many people are waiting to feel worthy before they take action.  They are waiting to feel like they have value before they add value.  They want to make progress toward goals, but they get stuck on what to do.
Why is that? 
Because they are trying to manufacture their value, on the spot.
Trying to create value so people will find them valuable.
Then they spin because they don’t know where to start.  What to make, create, build, offer, share…
Because they don’t know their value, and they are fearful that whatever they do offer is not the right, the proper, the most appropriate value to offer.
Remember, you are worthy because you are.
Your value is in who you are.  Your value is that you are uniquely you.  
Your energy spent trying to create value in order to feel worthy is wasted.
So what if you decided to believe that you are enough right now.  More than enough right now.
If you understand this, the doing will come, it will become organic, irresistible, and you will know exactly what to do and when you need to do it. 
But it is only when you think and believe as a worthy women, you will start attracting the perfect opportunities. 
And your worthiness cannot be bought from anyone. It can’t be earned. 
It already is
You have to understand that in the deepest part of you. 
Be real. Follow your unique path.  Be open to new opportunities that are coming into your life right now.
If you are struggling in business or in relationships, recognize where your own beliefs are limiting your growth.  
The trick is to begin from a place of I’m already worthy – and what flows from that belief rather than I need to do this and this and this in order to achieve worthiness and create impact, influence, and achieve my goals.
So when it comes to attracting the right things that you want into your life, attracting the friends, partner, customers, leaders, opportunities into your life, JUST BE YOU.

One of my favourite ways to clear negative thinking and open my mind to thoughts and beliefs that support me and allow me to see clearly my value and purpose is using essential oils either directly on my wrists (it's a great spot) or even in my diffuser.  When we use pure oils, our bodies respond by raising their frequencies to generate more enthusiasm, optimism, confidence, and determination.

Let me know if you want to know more about where to find the best ones for this!
Don't wait one more second to step up for yourself and for everyone waiting for that unique message that could only come from you.
It’s all in the being, not in the doing.

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